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Elegant Wedding Gifts

Elegant Wedding Gifts

It can be so difficult to decide what to buy the bride and groom on their big day, especially if they haven’t opted for a wedding gift list. However, there are several gift ideas which you can’t go wrong with and will be remembered by the happy couple for years to come.

Photo frame

A photo frame is a very apt wedding present considering the bride and groom will surely have many beautiful photos of their day that they want to display around their home. However, your gift has to be special and a good quality silver or crystal frame will certainly fit the bill. Expect them to be priced upwards of £70 but that is a small price to pay to be a guest at a fabulous wedding.

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Crystal vase

This may sound like an old-fashioned present to give a 21st-century couple but a good quality crystal vase will knock the socks off the usual run-of-the-mill wedding gifts. You can buy varying quality of crystal but what you can be sure of is that you will never get ‘bad’ crystal, simply some which are better quality than others. A vase is probably your best option as many people have minimalist décor now and so figurines and other ornaments have gone out of favor, however, everyone always needs a good vase.

Coffee machine

Chances are, the bride and groom have been cohabiting for a while before making it official and so probably have all the household items they need. China, cutlery sets and toasters just aren’t going to cut it and are probably going to end up being given away or stowed in the garage as unwanted gifts. However, a great idea is to get them a household gadget that is extra special and one they would probably not treat themselves to. A coffee machine is a perfect example and although a gadget for the house, it is a luxury and one they can enjoy for years.

Weekend away

Many couples opt for money or honeymoon vouchers these days and while a very practical idea, if they are starting their new life together strapped for cash, it is rather impersonal. An alternative is to present them with a voucher for a weekend away in a spa or a country hotel at various honeymoon destinations around the globe.

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Antique Mirror

It is very difficult to buy art such as paintings and pictures to go on their wall as everyone has such different tastes when it comes to décor. However, a mirror is a tasteful, simple addition to a room and most people appreciate its practicality of it as well. Mirrors for display on the wall can range from very reasonable for a simple design to very pricey for a knockout statement piece. Somewhere in the middle is great for a wedding present and is something your guests will associate you with rather than forgetting what you bought them the day after.

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