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Using Smokeless Wedding Sparklers Indoors

Using Smokeless Wedding Sparklers Indoors

Until recently, people were forced to use sparklers outside regardless of what brand they purchased. Most sparklers produce a lot of smoke when they burn, so using them inside at a wedding was simply never a realistic option. Fortunately, there are now smokeless wedding sparklers designed specifically for indoor use so you can enjoy the fun and beauty of sparklers no matter what type of venue your reception is being held at.

There are a few major differences between smokeless sparklers and regular sparklers, and those differences are where the magic lies. There are also a variety of different shapes and sizes of smokeless wedding sparklers available, so choosing what works best for your wedding is as simple as knowing how long you want to them to burn. Here’s everything you need to know about using smokeless sparklers indoors at your upcoming wedding.

Color Options

If you want your sparklers to be smokeless, there’s really only one color option that you have: gold. Gold is the natural color that sparklers burn when there’s no color pigments added, and those color pigments are responsible for much of the smoke that sparklers typically create when they burn. If you are having your wedding outdoors, then you can choose any one of the hundreds of different colored sparklers available on the market; but if you want to use them indoors they simply must be gold.

Handle Material

For decades, sparklers have been available in two different handle materials; bamboo or steel wire. Some parents (incorrectly) believe that bamboo handle sparklers will stay cooler to the touch when their children are holding them and that’s why they’ve become so popular. However, the wooden handles will smolder and create ash as they burn, and when there’s burning wood there is always smoke created. If you want smokeless sparklers, they must have a steel wire handle that won’t burn or smolder. Don’t worry; the handle stays cool to the touch even though it’s metal despite popular belief.


There are many different lengths of smokeless wedding sparklers available, and each size has benefits depending on your application. However, the most popular option by far is 36 inch wedding sparklers because they burn for over 4 minutes without creating any smoke at all. Other popular choices include the 20 inch sparklers and 10 inch sparklers, and those will work just fine if you don’t need them to burn for 4 minutes.

No matter how you plan to use sparklers at your wedding, you are able to use them both indoors and out if you buy the correct type. Just make sure that you buy sparklers that are both gold and made with a steel wire handle and using sparklers indoors at your wedding can be a smokeless affair.

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