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How To Choose Watch For Groom On Your Wedding Day?

How To Choose Watch For Groom On Your Wedding Day?

When the big day arrives, you want it to be the most memorable day of your life. There are lots of things you can do to make that happen from the moment you wake up on the big day!

After you’ve chosen your dress, it’s time to coordinate it with the right accessories! What about a special gift of something that your Groom can wear throughout the day – a new watch is an excellent choice!  From tiaras and veils to a simple pair of pearl earrings, an elaborate diamond necklace, or a pair of Choos or Blahniks to finish off your outfit, there’s an awful lot to think about….but what about accessorizing your groom for his special day too?

If you’re thinking of buying a special watch for your husband-to-be, here are some great tips on what watch to choose and what a watch can say about your man. Think of a watch as being like a man’s handwriting; it can give a lot away! These classic designer watches (somewhat light-heartedly!) reveal a lot when it comes to personality and character…

Consider his personality

The first thing to consider is your groom’s personality. If the point is to find the ones that will accurately reflect who he is, it needs to be something that speaks to his personality and his own personal style. Here are a few examples to give you an idea from  bitcoin marketplace.


Let’s say your man is modern in every sense of the word, yet still sophisticated enough that he knows the difference between dressing up and just getting dressed. You can combines the classic chronograph with a very sophisticated design that includes a brown leather strap. This would go well with any wedding suit.

Consider his interests

Men have varied interests outside of their work. Some are outdoorsmen while others are proud to call themselves techno-geeks. Your choice of watch should consider these interests, given the fact that they present different demands for timepieces. Again, some suggestions:

Rolex – the Rolex groom is a proud and successful man. He believes in working hard and enjoys rewarding his own hard work with luxury labels, nice holidays, and he also has a tendency to spoil you for no reason at all. The Rolex wearer is also a practical and prudent individual, thus he is drawn to proven and celebrated designer brands such as Rolex.

Patek Phillipe – the Patek Phillipe groom is not preoccupied with choosing the best labels, and although successful, may not revel in riches of his success quite like a Rolex man. The Patek Phillipe man is a perfectionist with traditional values and loves choosing complex designs which can be seen in the Patek Phillipe Grand Complications collection.

Tag Heuer – the Tag Heuer man has many interests and is always active. Does your groom love sports? Does he insist on being at every Grand Prix? Is he a follower of the World Golf Championships? Does he drag you to Wimbledon every summer? The Tag Heuer man is well-travelled and doesn’t like to sit still, but more importantly, he is a man of intelligence and is usually well-read in both current affairs and literature.

Hublot – Hublot is a bold brand for independent souls. If your man sings to his own tune and calls himself a keen jet-setter or is a die-hard football fan, he could well be a Hublot man.

The choice of a watch that reflects your groom’s personality, interests and budget will be a gift that will make your wedding day truly memorable. Moreover, every day he wears his watch in the future, he will remember that you cared enough to put time and effort into buying him something special. Such a gesture will still be important to him long after the cake and decorations are gone.

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