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How To Dress For A Wedding (Man) If You Are Invited

How To Dress For A Wedding (Man) If You Are Invited

Wedding day or wedding night? Depending on the time the protocol varies, so we give you the keys to know how to dress for a wedding and succeed as a guest.

Choosing the outfit with which wedding guests are going to dress depends on a number of issues that must be taken into account: the label required at the wedding, the time of year, whether it is late or day, and some other questions.

Now we will talk about some useful tips on how to dress for a wedding (man), do not miss them!

How to dress the man for a wedding: some preliminary tips

In a matter of men’s attire and men’s suits for weddings, the tricks are to run away from the black and white monochrome, and of course the colors too bright. Every man should know that the tuxedo is not an appropriate outfit for a wedding, so better store it in the closet. In any case, you have to look carefully at the invitation and see the dress code.

How the man should dress at a wedding: the basic measures of the wedding suits.

To choose a men’s suit for a wedding, we must know that there is no strict protocol, and the wedding is a social celebration in which there is a wide range of possibilities to choose the most appropriate outfit.

If the wedding is celebrated in the morning and there is no need to go for etiquette, a dark suit will be the best option. You can buy new, or reuse one with a wardrobe, yes, that is new, unpolluted, and that is not a suit that usually looks in the office on special occasions.

The guidelines for a men’s wedding suit to be perfect will be the following:

    The length of the pants must not exceed the instep
    The shoulders of the jacket will fit perfectly, they should not be dropped.
    The collar of the shirt should protrude above the jacket
    The sleeves of the shirt will appear between half and one centimeter below the jacket.

We can already see what the label or dress code is the invitation, to choose well the wedding suit for men most appropriate to the occasion.

How man should dress for a wedding: time of day

A full suit for men is always the best option. If the ceremony takes place in the morning or at noon, the best option is to arrive in a cooler, cooler wool suit, plain navy blue, charcoal gray, tan beige, they are suits that feel great, especially if the heat squeezes . At night, it is better to opt for a gray or darker navy blue. Always long-sleeved shirts, with very safe bets such as white, light shades of blue or beige. They can be smooth or fine and micro-plaid, everything depends on our tastes.

For the most elegant, and especially at night, good twins make a difference, and if the twin shirts are not what they like the most, the jewelry button covers will always be a must. The ties must not be missing, and this is where man will make a difference. It must be a tie that matches perfectly with the suit, whether more sophisticated, fun or original, with respect to colors and types of ties (with ornaments, stripes, plaid, plain). An elegant tie footwear is essential.

The accessories also help a lot to make the wedding suit for men elegant and also make a difference. A good leather belt, matching wedding shoes, large dial watches, or a handkerchief in a jacket pocket, matching the color of the tie, will give a personal touch to the male attire at a wedding. And if we talk about a etiquette wedding, the most appropriate thing a man should wear is to wear a jacket, widely used in weddings that are celebrated during the day. It will be taken by the groom, a witness and the godfather, and it can also be taken by the guests, although always a step below the protagonist, the groom.

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