Choosing The Perfect Classic Car Rental For Your Vintage-Themed Wedding

Choosing The Perfect Classic Car Rental For Your Vintage-Themed Wedding

It seems that brides and grooms from as far as Los Angeles to Boston are getting swept up in the vintage wedding theme–a trend that’s exploded throughout the country popularized by luxury, high fashion, and the ornate details found in things from an iconic time. While many couples tend to put their focus on the cake, clothes, and music, choosing a classic car rental should take center stage as it is the star player in your major exit together as a married couple. 

Book the Right Wedding Car Rental Based on Your Vintage Decade

You need to make sure your wedding car rental reflects the accurate era represented on your special day. For example, if your wedding mirrors the roaring 20s, and your wedding car is a 1957 Bel Air convertible, you may have a sweet car but it will completely clash with the vibe of your wedding. 

Often couples will compromise when it comes to details about their wedding. That said, don’t fall to temptation and let your other half pick a car outside the celebrated decade. Instead, choose a wedding car rental appropriate to your aesthetic tastes, the vintage era reflected in your wedding, and one you will both love. For example, in the scenario mentioned above, the happy couple could still choose a classic, fast convertible but one that’s from the 20s. A Duesenberg Model J would be an ideal choice, as it reflects the class and style of the day. Just make sure the wheels and the wedding decade theme align as perfectly as your vows. 

Choosing the Color of Your Vintage Car

Just as color matters for the cake, bridesmaid’s dresses, and flowers, it is just as important when choosing a wedding car. There are two main schools of thought when it comes to the color. You can either choose something that matches the main hue in your wedding attire and decor, or you can choose neutral colors like black, beige, gray or various shades of white. Just be aware that most classic cars only come in factory set colors, so if your main shades are lime green or crimson, you might be hard pressed to find a match. However, if your color is standard, you should be able to find a great vehicle with little effort. For example, if your wedding is going to have a 50s theme, and your colors are sky blue and white, you could contact a classic car rental company and ask for a 50s Ford Thunderbird convertible, as sky blue was a common color for this model. You can also ask the car rental company to help you choose the right car with the right color if your first choice isn’t available. 

Don’t Forget to Check the Details

Now that you have chosen the perfect car for your dream day, be sure to read the rental agreement. If you need the car with a full gas tank, you require a chauffeur, and you have special needs regarding his available hours, the rental agreement should cover these points. Then you can proceed with confidence and peace of mind in outlining the details of a magical wedding day beaming with vintage splendor. 

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