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What Are The Popular Wedding Flowers?

What Are The Popular Wedding Flowers?

It is well known that Indian weddings, famous for their exuberance and vivacity Wedding feature flowers of all kinds to grace the event. But weddings everywhere are special and memorable occasions.

Though some flowers are traditionally accepted for weddings, many new types of flowers have begun to be used at Indian weddings. Many families in Jaipur depend on online flower delivery in Jaipur to make a grand show at their weddings.

Here is a list of flowers popular at Indian and well as international weddings:

  • Marigolds: They have been the traditional favourite at Indian weddings. Both orange and yellow varieties are used to propitiate Lord Vishnu and his consort Goddess Laxmi who are regarded as the ideal couple. They are invoked for divine blessings for a prosperous life ahead for the couple. Marigolds can be used in individual stalks or in chains called as Ladis to decorate a wedding venue. Marigolds are ideal for morning decorations as sunlight adds to the allure of the yellow and orange colours. They are very versatile for weddings by gracing invitation designs, thank you card designs, Mandap (wedding platform) designs and wedding or reception stage décor. They are the perfect answer for all wedding needs.
  • Jasmines: The white jasmine flower comes second in importance for wedding flowers after the marigold. Jasmines are widely used in South Indian weddings. They are much prized for their sweet fragrance and the fresh aura that they exude. They also create a sensuous attachment between the couple. The white colour of the Jasmine symbolizes elegance and purity.
  • Orchids: Most modern couples like orchids to grace their wedding décor. They are very rare and found in a range of colours. They symbolize luxury, grandeur, wisdom, strength and beauty. They also signify growing love and commitment between the couple.
  • Roses: Roses are the ubiquitous flowers used for wedding décor. They come in colours like white, pink and red. Pink roses stand for happiness while white ones denote grace and charm. However, it is the red rose that stands for love and passion. A wedding is unimaginable without the presence of these exquisite flowers.
  • Tulip: It stands for ‘happy years’ and ‘unending love’. They come in a variety of colours: pastels like pink and white and vibrant ones like purple, magenta and red. They work for a variety of roles; from boutonnieres to table arrangements and wedding bouquets. There are 3 main varieties: Dutch tulips (common and affordable), French tulips (expensive and elegant) and parrot tulips (with intense colours).
  • Calla lily:Also named Arum lily, these trumpet-shaped blossoms have a grand appearance. There are two types: One, long-stemmed and large-headed and second, a miniature version, perfect for boutonnieres. The most popular shade is creamy yellow but there are also other shades like orange, yellow, pink, dark purple etc.
  • Lily of the Valley: It is made of bell-shaped florets hanging from a thin stem. It is also referred to as the ‘stairway to heaven’. It has an unmistakable perfumed scent. It is usually very expensive. You can add a few stems to enhance a bouquet or a centre arrangement.

These are some of the popular wedding flowers of the world. You can approach a florist in Jaipur to arrange for the flowers meant for your wedding. Be it the traditional marigold or the exotic orchid, your wedding can be brightened by using these popular wedding flowers.

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