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Choosing Live Wedding Music

Choosing Live Wedding Music

If you are planning to have a wedding, there is a lot to think about. One area which does not seem to get a lot of attention is to the idea of wedding music. Sure, you know that you are going to need something which will keep your guests entertained, but very few people stop and think about the music that they want to be performed. That is why we have put together this guide. We want to walk you through how you can choose some fantastic live wedding music to be played.

Why live wedding music?

There is something a bit more personal about having a band get up there on the stage and entertain your guests. Sure, a DJ is probably going to be cheaper than opting for live wedding music, but it is nowhere near as ‘thrilling’. This is because this music is the same sound recordings that you will have heard countless numbers of times. When you have a wedding band up there on the stage, there is a bit more of a unique feel to the music that they are playing. This is what keeps the guests entertained.

In our opinion, wedding bands are going to be a whole lot better than DJs at keeping everybody excited too!

Choose Good Music

We know that you probably have your own favourite genre of music that you enjoy listening to. However, you are going to need to think about whether this is something that all the guests at the wedding are going to want to enjoy too. You want people to get up and dance, not to wonder what music is playing. This is why we recommend that you only opt for live wedding bands that actually have experience playing weddings. They will know the type of music that your guests are going to enjoy. Of course, they are also going to be interested in listening to your recommendations!

Only choose a live wedding band

If the band has no experience in the world of weddings, avoid them. It takes a very unique talent to get up on the stage and play music at a wedding. You need to act as ‘background music’, while at the same time ensuring that everybody at the wedding is entertained. It is also likely that you are going to be keeping things flowing properly. It is completely different to any other type of gig that a band can play.

Before you hire a wedding band, you will probably want to ask them for videos of them performing at a wedding. You may even want to ask for the details of people that they have performed for in the past. This way you will be able to get a rough idea as to how good they are going to be. This is what you want! Under no circumstances should you hire a band that you have never seen perform!

Do your research and we promise you, the band that you choose will keep the day awesome!

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