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Advice For Newly Engaged Couples Looking To Plan Their Wedding

Advice For Newly Engaged Couples Looking To Plan Their Wedding

Congratulations, you’re engaged, you’ve decided to spend the rest of your lives together and a wedding is on the horizon. Whilst exciting times are ahead when it comes to the wedding, the same might not be said of the planning to come. In order to make your planning go as smoothly as possible, start as soon as possible and create a clear timetable of when different wedding suppliers should be booked when you will pay the deposit and the final balance.

Decide on a budget

The first thing to consider (if the groom hasn’t already thought about it!) is the wedding budget. You cannot plan a wedding without at least a draft budget in mind. Look at the average cost of all the services you will need and create a blueprint for what you will spend on each. The average amount spent in the UK on a wedding is whopping £24,000, this is inclusive of everything including the honeymoon. Decide on your budget and then divide it between all the services needed.

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Use modern technology to plan your wedding

When planning your wedding in the modern day, you are lucky to have so much technology at your fingertips. Gone are the days of rummaging through booklets looking for contacts and calling from your home phone. There are some great online wedding planners available. At Book of Weddings, you can use a free online planner to shortlist wedding vendors and create a contact list of each of your suppliers. By searching for wedding suppliers in your area you can make sure you have the best pick of the bunch and with their handy planner, you can always keep on top of your budget. Visit each website and decide on the imagery as to which is best, create a shortlist for each supplier and arrange a few face-to-face consultations.

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Create a calendar of events

You should a diary of how your wedding is going to go. Start writing in a calendar with different dates. Set yourself a target for each of your wedding suppliers starting with the venue. Arrange dates to visit various wedding fares so you can decide as and when you see suppliers. You should plan your finances to and make sure they are linked directly to your bookings. Create a payment plan on a spreadsheet marking out all of your budget commitments to each service.

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Finally create a checklist for the day itself, once everything is organised you can kick back and relax. Enjoy your once in a lifetime event with the partner of your dreams.

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