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The Ultimate Wedding Video Cheat Sheet

The Ultimate Wedding Video Cheat Sheet

One of the most challenging tasks at a wedding is the job of having to take perfect videos or photographs of the bride and groom! And naturally, this goes for not only Australia, but anywhere. Admittedly, a professional will have the experience of previous weddings and occasions under his or her belt, but there can still be mishaps and things can go wrong. And who out there wants to make mistakes when it comes to the most important and special day in the lives of two people?

So, let’s take a little look at some things which we can put on a ‘cheat sheet’ to make the ultimate wedding photography or video production in Brisbane,all that much easier.

Getting started, don’t forget there are three things that you’ll be working with on that day.

1 – Whatever weather happens to be around on the day

2 –The location, which will or won’t be of your choosing

3 – Having a purely positive mental outlook.

If these three can be worked together, the sky’s the limit!

The Photographer/Videographer

  • After you have booked the venue, contact a professional one with the knowledge and experience as soon as you can and make a booking. Some of the better one’s just might be heavily booked already, but don’t let that stop you trying.
  • Choose what kind of photography you would like, such as formal, informal or just plain spontaneous.
  • If possible, try to avoid any recent trend or fashion at the time of photography. In a few years’ time they may look kitsch and dated.

Timing is Important

  • Add some extra time to your schedule, no matter how long you might think everything will take. This will cover any kind of mishaps such as stuck in traffic, or the likes.
  • Ensure that nothing big is going on near where the wedding and photo shoot will be taking place.
  • Have a break every now and again to relax with some snacks and drinks. (But take it easy on the alcoholic kind until later!)


  • Try avoiding the full sun. Shots or videos of sweaty, squinting, and sun burnt folk does not make great viewing!
  • Have an alternative locale penned in, just in case of bad weather.
  • For the location shoot, do it at a place you both really love, but not too far out of town!

Simply Be Yourself and Look Your Best!

  • You don’t have to wander around with sillygrins on your faces all day. There will be a lot of video and pictures taken that day, so just be natural!
  • Don’t think about hiding one side of your face because you have a spot, which can all be sorted out later on in processing.
  • Doing a trial run beforehand, so you get it perfect on the special day.


Talk with both the photographer and videographer and let them know what you want and ask them for ideas.

Apart from all of that, may your wedding day last forever! Good luck!

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