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Hindu Marriage Ceremony In UK

Hindu Marriage Ceremony In UK

Marriage season is here so that means having to choose wedding cards for your marriage ceremony! While choosing marriage cards for weddings can be quite a lavish affair, there are quite a few things one should keep in mind. The preparations for any wedding start way in advance and having to choose the perfect Hindu wedding card for the special day is important and quite a crucial task.

Things You Should Keep In Mind While Choosing Hindu Wedding Card

Any card that is designed and is chosen well, play a very important role in creating a lasting impression on your guests. There are innumerable companies that actually specialize in designing and printing of wedding cards! However, it can be quite an overwhelming task having to choose a wedding card but nonetheless, it should be done. Here, are a few things you should keep in mind while having to choose wedding invitations for your esteemed guests.

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  • Colour: An important aspect of the Indian wedding invitation is the bright and spectacular colours that are used while making the cards. Colours like red, saffron, green, gold etc are some of the most popular colours while choosing wedding cards. All of these bright colours are the embodiment of love, passion and frolic that surrounds the wedding ceremony.
  • Designs: Another important part of wedding cards are of course the designs. There are several different designs one could choose from. From the traditional designs to the downright modern and intricate designs, the choices are plenty. You can always ask for advice from your friends or family if you are having any doubts while choosing.
  • Decorations: Hindu wedding cards are incomplete without proper decorations. Choosing the right decorations to accompany your bright colours and patterns is very important. There are plenty of options available like mirrors, fake gems, gold threads etcetera. If you have a higher budget then you can obviously go all out and give that extra touch to your wedding invitations.
  • Size and Print: Print: Of course, you would have to give a considerable amount of thought on how the size of the fonts would be. The print has to be legible too. For example, one can go with gold fonts for a red coloured card, since the golden fonts would pop more on a red card.
  • Envelope: Choosing the design of the envelope is quite important. You would not want the envelope to be drab, choosing the right designs and decoration for the envelope which would greatly pair up with the card inside of it, is the way to go.

You would not want to crowd your card with excess graphics or fonts, however if that is your aesthetic feel free to do so. Make sure that the fonts are legible so that your guests can make out the time and venue of the wedding ceremony. Get a good quality material for your card so that they do not get torn and are quite durable.

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